Carbon FootPrint

foot ptints
As human beings our everyday taskes effect the earth in so many ways. Our carbon footprint does not only effect the earth but it effect the animals.
 Pciture of Ice melting
So many animals are being displaced due to global warming.
Animals that are being in dangered due to global warming. Our foot print is not just the way we effect the earth but it is also how we effect the other things that live on the earth.

How much CO2 do you emit into the atmosphere?

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Sea levels Risings

Because the heat from the Co2 in the atmosphere heats the ice, sea levels begin to rise. Places like New Orlean, Florida, Shanghai, Venice are going to sink in the near Futher.

Problems with sea level rise

 High seal level destroys homes


Humans through trash in our neighborhoods all the time. This is also a problem that is contributing to climate change.

We as humans need to make sure that the carbon foot print we leave behind does not cause a lot of problems in the future. So in order to make a difference and change the world for every we need to come together and make a change fore the greater good.